Spring is on its way! And at Small Sums we are celebrating the best way we know how: by helping our amazing and resilient clients start a new job, as we have done day in and day out for over 15 years. Although we gathered separately, unified apart, and supported each other from afar last year, this year is our year of hope and joy. Together, we will bring hope to over 600 clients. 

It has been such a pleasure to continue seeing and serving our clients through thick and thin. They have shown such fortitude as they leave their shelters, homes, and temporary housing to find a job and stability for themselves and their families. Visit our client stories to see who we are helping get to their new jobs! 

We are still providing those bus passes, work clothes, work boots, tools, and extras that go a long way as our clients start jobs as essential workers, package handlers, and restaurant workers. Because, we know that service and joy do not stop in times of hardship; they are simply reinvented. Joy is the hallmark of our work -- even in moments of hardship -- and we love sharing this journey, and this joy, with you. 
Will you help us continue to Grow Hope and Inspire Joy? Because we can’t do what we do—helping hundreds of homeless clients get back to work every year—without your support.  Your donations are always put to good use right away buying those work items our clients need to successfully start their new job and get to that first and next paycheck. Every little bit helps:

- $50 provides 5 clients with a Care Pack that includes those extras that make the days a little easier like sanitizer, snacks, resources pamphlets, and hygiene supplies. 
- $100 covers a Back to Work Basics Packet that provides clients with a bus pass, two pairs of work pants, two black t-shirts, and two pairs of socks.
- $200 sponsors a client who may be a youth supporting their family, an essential worker starting over after leaving an abusive relationship, or a parent getting back on their feet after losing their job to a layoff.
- Considering a more sustainable donation option? Join our Hope Makers’ Circle of sustaining donors - your monthly donation is a great way to help ensure the stability and effectiveness of our programs. 

Thank you for all the ways you have supported Small Sums and our clients throughout the years. Because of you, we continue to Grow Hope and look forward to when we can sit down with you once again and celebrate the joys and successes of the Small Sums community.


AJ is currently staying at Homeward Bound, a new shelter in the Twin Cities that provides culturally specific services for the Native American Community. 
He is thrilled to be working as a line cook and showing off his skills at a restaurant in Minneapolis and looks forward to when they can expand their menu as in-person dining picks up. He has a passion for cooking and is even starting a second job soon in another kitchen. 

“I’m remaining positive and setting goals… I can’t help but visualize that things are going to get better for me.” He is looking forward to a steady paycheck and has hopes of getting into his own place again soon.

We were able to outfit AJ with black pants, black t-shirts, non-slip shoes, Bombas socks and a 31-day bus pass. He was moved to tears knowing that he would be walking out of our office with brand-new work items and reliable transportation.

We are so inspired by his resilience and know that his determination will take him far in this new season of opportunity.