Our mission at Small Sums is to outfit individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness with the work gear, tools, training, and transportation they need to start a new job. The goal of Community Day is to provide clients with additional tools needed to elevate their wages and increase their access to long-term economic and housing stability. 

Our volunteers did not disappoint! Piere Barnes, founder of shuttle cuts, and Bird, former Small Sums client, provided haircuts, trims, and fades. VZNCY owner Marcus Styles shot high-quality, professional headshots. Rob Thomas and Len Hones helped clients create profiles on LinkedIn, while Dr. Joan Hiller and VZNCY’s Brian Andry assisted with resume writing and design. Last but not least, Small Sums Board Members John Suzukida, Anoop Mathur, and Lisa Ide conducted mock interviews. Together, our Small Sums community made a dignified step toward stability. 

Here are a few of our favorite headshots:

Bird, former Small Sums client and Barber Extraodinaire!
"I'm trying to put my life back together." - Kim
"When I come to Small Sums, it's like visiting family." - Paul
"I feel like a new man!" - Amir
"I just love my new haircut!" - Toni
"I'm ready to start connecting!" - Romeal
"It was just what I needed!" - Debra

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