The Issue

Accepting a new job is nearly impossible for someone who doesn't have the required work items needed to show up on their first day.

Finding employment while experiencing homelessness is stressful to say the least. On the first day of work, new employees are expected to show up on time and outfitted in the required uniform, wearing proper footwear and with tools or other required work items in hand.

What We Do

We outfit workers with the items they need to start a new job

We help remove obstacles that often prevent workers experiencing homelessness from being able to take a new job. By providing work clothes, work shoes, tools and a bus pass, our clients feel prepared and equipped for their new position. We believe gainful employment is a key factor in helping individuals get out of their homeless situation.

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Dressed and Ready

Clients are confident when they show up on the first day of work outfitted in work-wear and work shoes that are appropriate and required for their new jobs.

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Tools For The Job

Tools for trade professions are often mandatory in these fields; without them skilled workers like barbers, construction workers and cooks cannot get back into higher paying jobs.

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Transportation Assistance

Dependable transportation is critical for maintaining employment. By providing a monthly bus pass, clients have a reliable way to get to work.

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Professional Trade Licenses and Union Due Fees

We help cover test and license fees so that clients can return to work in the higher-paying fields in which they have been trained.

Attend an event

Every year we host fundraising events. You and a plus one are invited to join us.

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