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Our sole purpose is to help those experiencing homelessness or housing instability, who have found new jobs, with the specific things that they need to start back to work. We believe gainful employment is a key factor in helping individuals secure and maintain stable housing. With our practical and timely assistance, that few other agencies provide, we help remove obstacles that often prevent workers from being able to take a job – like required work clothes and work shoes, trade tools, professional licenses or union dues, and bus passes so they have a reliable way to get to work everyday (until they receive a paycheck).

For 15 years, Small Sums has worked with more than 100 partner agencies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro to help individuals get back to work. We have helped over 6000 people take the job and start on the path to stability. Our Work Is:

We provide the necessary work items and transportation support needed for our clients to show up ready to succeed.


Gainful employment is a key factor in helping individuals secure and maintain stable housing, stability and independence.


Last year we surpassed 6,000 clients served by Small Sums to date.

What We Do

Our clients show up confident
and prepared on their first day

When our clients have what they need they can focus on their
next step to moving forward

Dressed and Ready

Clients are confident when they show up on the first day of work outfitted in work-wear that’s appropriate and required for their new jobs. Uniforms, scrubs, sturdy black work pants and black t-shirts are the most commonly required work clothes. We also provide steel-toe boots or non-slip work shoes for clients in construction, warehousing, manufacturing, food service and healthcare.

Tools For The Job

Trade tools for construction workers, welders, barbers, beauticians and chefs are often mandatory in these professions; without them skilled workers cannot get back into higher paying jobs. Because of their unstable living situations, clients have often lost their professional tools, so we provide the basic tools needed to start in their fields again.

Transportation Assistance

Dependable transportation is critical for maintaining employment. By providing a monthly bus pass, Small Sums clients have a reliable way to get to work and it also allows them unlimited rides to take care of other important matters while they are getting back on their feet.

Professional Trade Licenses and Union Due Fees

Professional testing fees, union dues, licenses and license renewals can often cost several hundred dollars and may be prohibitive for a homeless individual. We help cover the test and license fees so that clients can return to work in the higher-paying fields in which they have been trained.

Meet Our Clients


Jesse arrived at Small Sums ready to start something new. Immediately, you could see the excitement and relief he had after a long journey to get to our office. He expressed that not only was it his first time ever riding the train, but this would be his first job EVER!! Jesse had just been released from federal prison two weeks ago and has already landed a job doing maintenance work. He was full of appreciation and was adjusting to the new world after being incarcerated for more than half his life.

While speaking with Jesse, you could see his passion to change and ensure that his future wouldn’t be determined by his past.  With the world feeling so new, Jesse told us, “I gotta do some catching up”.

Jesse’s goals are simple—work, live well,, and go see our beloved Minnesota Vikings play in the new stadium. This may seem easy for some but for Jesse, this is just the beginning. When asked what people should know about him, he stated, “I’m the most outgoing person I know, but right now I’m the most nervous person in Minneapolis”. He described his mindset moving forward as “Exuberant” and “Happy as hell”.

Small Sums is just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to making sure that Jesse’s second chance starts off on the right foot. We were completely in awe of his resilience and passion and can’t wait to see where he goes.


Mark is starting work as a plastic mold tech and is feeling good. He is a little anxious after not working for a while and starting at a big company with lots of expectations. He has minimal experience and is worried about the newer equipment. He was just released from being incarcerated and one of the biggest challenges is getting used to being back. Mark said that what motivates him each day is the "beauty of freedom". There was an aura of gratitude encompassing Mark, as one could clearly see he was fully appreciating each day to its fullest. You could see tears as Mark described his gratitude at small kindnesses like when his sister gave him a car after his release. When asked what he would want people to know about him, Mark said "don't judge me for my past, judge me for who I am today." Additionally, each day Mark says his mindset is one of "perseverance".

We were able to get Mark off to a good start at work by providing him a bus pass, work boots, t-shirts and pants, and some special treats from our food shelf.


A few weeks ago, Myesha was a single mother, without housing and a job. Myesha knew she needed to find a job to find security for her and her daughter. She was alternating between staying with family and sleeping in her car. Finding a job with this level of insecurity was challenging. Through it all, Myesha is motivated by her one year old daughter. She says her daughter,  “keeps her going when she wants to give up and is her little angel.”

Myesha explained that she was in a car accident about a year ago. The accident led to losing her housing and job due to being placed on bed rest. It was also during this time of incredible upheaval that she found out she was pregnant.

Throughout this tribulation, Myesha kept her goals front of mind- find a job and gain security. Today, Myesha is about to begin her job stocking items at an Aldi’s grocery store! She knew she could rely on Small Sums when told she would need steel-toe boots for unloading heavier items. We were able to give her these required work items.

Today, Myesha described her current mindset as focused. She is ready for a fresh start with firm ground to walk on. We are rooting for your Myesha!




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