Ini Eyoh, CEO and Founder of Unity Scrubs, is pleased to partner with Small Sums by providing high-quality, well-fitting scrubs to women working in healthcare. As a public health nurse, Ini is very passionate about serving the community, "I am passionate about unifying healthcare workers," she says. "Together, we can tackle the health disparities prevalent in healthcare today." Ini remains dedicated to raising awareness of inequities while advocating for underserved populations. This is why she is excited to partner with Small Sums.

"I resonate with the mission of Small Sums," she says. "By partnering with them, I'm helping people within my own community, and people who have experienced hardships. Everyone on the team is very passionate about helping others, finding ways to be a bridge for people that don't have access to certain items, especially when it comes to finding a job."

Throughout February, Ini is generously donating one pair of scrubs for every two that are purchased from Unity Scrub's website,

Buy two, give one today! 

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