"I couldn't tell you how blessed and awesome I feel about coming here today. I was not expecting this" - Sandra

We recently had the pleasure of outfitting these two ladies, Sandra and Janel, with everything they need to start their new jobs! Both women are staying with one of our partner shelters in Minneapolis, who recommended our services. The women walked into Small Sums with little to no expectations, bright smiles, and ready to receive help.

Sandra (pictured on the left) was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. She was accustomed to a healthy middle-class lifestyle before she and her husband, Johnnie, began to experience financial setbacks, which continued throughout the pandemic and left them without a home. "It was hard going to the store and not being able to grab the things I was used to getting," Sandra remembers. After deep thought and conversations about their next move, Sandra and Johnnie turned to trusted family members and friends for advice. "We never thought in a million years we would end up needing a place to stay because we didn't have the money," she told us.

Eager to get back on their feet, they decided to take a leap of faith and move to Minnesota, where both were recently hired at good jobs. Sandra serves as a caterer at several local stadiums and arenas. Johnnie is working as a full-time cook. Together, their wages, weekly hours, and daily work tasks align with their long-term goal of moving into stable housing. Small Sums equipped Sandra and Johnnie with the basic worker packages we give our clients AND additional tools for their specific jobs. Sandra feels confident about returning to work fully prepared and earning a wage that will allow her and Johnnie to reclaim stability in their lives.

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