Anthony was released from prison a year earlier than expected due to good behavior and his willingness to participate in a work-release program. He recently started a new job and is excited to begin roofing again! Staying at the Portland House, Anthony learned about Small Sums through his care worker. 

A few things are motivating Anthony. First is his kids. “A bad day on the outside is better than a good day on the inside,” he told us. Getting reacclimated to living on the outside has been challenging. But Anthony is committed to changing his way of thinking, staying out of prison, and being free. 

We are excited to outfit Anthony with a Tools for the Job package, including Home Depot gift card, a pair of steel-toed boots, pants, shirts, underwear, and a personal care hygiene kit. Additionally, we gave Anthony a 31-day unlimited Metro Transit Express Pass to get him to and from work, with the option to purchase two more in the future at a significantly reduced price. 

Happy roofing, Anthony!

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