“Girl, you got this!” These are the words Stephanie tells herself while facing the challenges of starting over. Stephanie came to our office with nothing but smiles and great energy. If she didn’t tell you, you’d never know she was starting over for her third time.

Originally from the Southside of Chicago, she moved to Minnesota after leaving a bad situation in Grand Rapids, ND.She has family in the Twin Cities but decided to make her own way and bet on herself. She’s staying with her daughter at Haven Housing and is excited to start a new job with USPS!

When asked about her biggest challenge, she stated, “Not having a vehicle, but it’s a change, not a challenge.” Stephanie finds ways to look at the brighter side of life and find her silver linings. She’s motivated by her daughter and knows she will continue moving forward.

Stephanie is confident and excited about what her future holds. As she steps on to her new path, she says the advice she would give anyone going through a hard time is never to give up and never feel ashamed. She says, “I want people to know I am a great mother, very optimistic, and enjoy accomplishing my goals. I celebrate everything good!!”

We outfitted Stephanie with new work pants, shirts, and shoes to start her new job at USPS. She also received personal items, a hygiene care pack, and a 31-day unlimited bus card to get to and from work.

Stephanie was such a joy in the office, and her energy was infectious. We look forward to seeing just how far she can go. Please join us in wishing Stephanie all the best!

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