Yero came to us after being released from prison. "When I was in prison," he told us, "I wasn't living. I was just existing." He's excited to get back to work and do things the right way from now on. "The only person I can control is myself," he explained.

Yero wants to help other people, especially younger people, so they don't make the same mistakes he made. "It has been hard not having money, food, or transportation after getting out," he exclaimed.

We at Small Sums were happy to help!

We outfitted Yero with new pants, shirts, work boots, socks and underwear, a belt, a care pack full of personal hygiene items, a Handbook of the Streets, and snacks. We also gave Yero a 31-day unlimited bus pass so that he can get to and from work.Please join us in wishing Yero well as he works to meet his goals!

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