Jen is starting a new job as a warehouse handler. She has experience in warehouse work and truly enjoys it!  Currently working on a housing plan with Live Learn Hope Services, Jen hopes to find a place of her own soon.

Moving forward is what keeps Jen motivated.  Her new job, living situation, and kids keep her going. She says “acceptance is key” when dealing with life's ups and downs. And when she has a not-so-good day, she reminds herself that “this, too, shall pass.”

We outfitted Jen with everything needed to start her new job successfully! Her Small Sums Back to Work package included composite-toe boots, pants, shirts, socks, a Days for Girls kit, a laundry kit, a care pack filled with hygiene items, and a gas card to help get her to and from work.  She also got some food and snacks from our recently restocked food shelf thanks to Open Cupboard. 

Best of luck to you, Jen!

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