Every time I speak with Martin, I can feel what’s possible when community members come together to support each other. In fact, the last time I talked with Martin, he said it so well I had to share it with you: 

"Small Sums gives people the dignity they need to get back into the workforce. To me, Small Sums is everything!"

That dignity is what your past gifts have helped provide. I hope that we can count on your gift again this year. 

Martin’s story of resourcefulness and persistence despite life’s challenges isn’t unique among people we serve, but it definitely is special. 

Martin moved across the country to be in Minnesota with his sons after the pandemic took his job. Life took an unexpected turn, landing him in an emergency shelter in Minneapolis, where he had a bed and hot meals but not much else.

Despite living in a shelter, Martin kept focused on his dream to become a fully licensed insurance agent. He navigated all the steps toward that goal, including working to pay for his education, commuting for hours on the bus, getting himself a laptop from PC’s for People, and studying on his bunk in the crowded shelter. 

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