Payla is living in an emergency shelter, which is the most challenging thing for her right now. Her children are her main motivation, so she wants to be successful. 

“I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel - I just have to keep pushing,” she tells us. “I have been leaning on God and am very grateful for the resources I’ve found - you guys and Catholic Charities.” 

Payla’s next step is to find affordable housing, and she’s excited to start her job this weekend. She will be cleaning the field house where her kids play baseball. 

We outfitted Payla with everything she needs to be successful, including non-slip shoes, pants, shirts, socks and underwear, a care pack, grab-n-go items from the food shelf, and a bus pass to get to and from work. 

Please join us in cheering Payla on!

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