Mark is starting work as a plastic mold tech and is feeling good. He is a little anxious after not working for a while and starting at a big company with lots of expectations. He has minimal experience and is worried about the newer equipment. He was just released from being incarcerated and one of the biggest challenges is getting used to being back. Mark said that what motivates him each day is the "beauty of freedom". There was an aura of gratitude encompassing Mark, as one could clearly see he was fully appreciating each day to its fullest. You could see tears as Mark described his gratitude at small kindnesses like when his sister gave him a car after his release. When asked what he would want people to know about him, Mark said "don't judge me for my past, judge me for who I am today." Additionally, each day Mark says his mindset is one of "perseverance".

We were able to get Mark off to a good start at work by providing him a bus pass, work boots, t-shirts and pants, and some special treats from our food shelf.

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