While doing her initial intake over the phone, we knew Gwendolyn was spirited! She expressed gratitude for everything in her life and answered each question with care and enthusiasm. 

Gwendolyn is staying at a local emergency shelter where she learned about Small Sums. She worked as a nurse in senior housing for most of her life and was ready for something new.  While shopping at Cub Foods, Gwendolyn approached an employee about job openings, and he told her Holiday/Circle K was opening a new store nearby.  She applied, interviewed, and received a job offer on the spot! "I'm excited to be part of something grand,” she exclaimed while telling us about the grand opening. 

We were pleased to outfit Gwendolyn with everything she needs for success in her new job including pants, non-slip shoes, a knitted scarf and beanie, a jacket, socks, a care pack, and t-shirts. 

Gwendolyn suggested we change our name from "Small Sums" to "Big Blessings." She can’t wait to get back to work and eventually get her own place! 

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