A few weeks ago, Myesha was a single mother, without housing and a job. Myesha knew she needed to find a job to find security for her and her daughter. She was alternating between staying with family and sleeping in her car. Finding a job with this level of insecurity was challenging. Through it all, Myesha is motivated by her one year old daughter. She says her daughter,  “keeps her going when she wants to give up and is her little angel.”

Myesha explained that she was in a car accident about a year ago. The accident led to losing her housing and job due to being placed on bed rest. It was also during this time of incredible upheaval that she found out she was pregnant.

Throughout this tribulation, Myesha kept her goals front of mind- find a job and gain security. Today, Myesha is about to begin her job stocking items at an Aldi’s grocery store! She knew she could rely on Small Sums when told she would need steel-toe boots for unloading heavier items. We were able to give her these required work items.

Today, Myesha described her current mindset as focused. She is ready for a fresh start with firm ground to walk on. We are rooting for your Myesha!

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