Our Stories


Alfonso is currently staying at the Salvation Army-Harbor Light shelter in MInneapolis. He is loving his new job with MAD DADS (Men Against Destruction - Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder) as an outreach worker. Alfonso is passionate about MAD DADS’ mission of local community education and intervention as a way to bring about positive change in his community and feels his work has given him a renewed sense of purpose. “I was in a really tough place, I feel like I wasn’t doing much with my life before MAD DADS.” We outfitted him with warm work clothes, good shoes and a bus pass. He has all he needs now to start the job off right and is ready to be a force for good in his community. “Things are looking up, I’m feeling really fantastic and blessed.”


When the pandemic hit and everyone was forced to stay quarantined, life got even harder for those that were already stressed financially and actively looking for work. Naomica and her little family found themselves struggling with stable housing and jobs were hard to find.Fortunately she was able to find a position as a convenient store clerk and had some leads on a second job opportunity as well. She’s looking forward to gaining more work experience and building up her resume and with hopes of working her way up to management. Along with this job offer was the expectation that Naomica would show up on her first day wearing a uniform. A previous client had told her about us so she gave us a call. We outfitted her with two black t-shirts, a Target gift card for black pants, Bombas socks and non-slip shoes. We also provided a gas card that would ensure she had reliable transportation.


Tim had fallen on tough times and decided he was ready to get serious about making changes and getting sober.

“It wasn’t mandated or court-ordered, it was something I needed to do for myself.”

He just graduated from his in-patient program ahead of schedule and is excited to get back to work at a tool manufacturer here in Saint Paul.

Tim heard about us through a friend in his sober house and was grateful to not have to worry about how he’d get to his new job or what he’d wear. We were able to outfit him with steel toe boots, work jeans, t-shirts and socks, along with a 31-day bus pass. By working on his recovery steps and finding a steady job with good pay, Tim is confident that he is setting himself up for success.